Wed. May 22nd, 2024
loopring wallet

Unlock the potential of the Loopring Wallet, the world’s first Ethereum smart wallet powered by a zkRollup! Say goodbye to clunky private keys and cumbersome mnemonics – embrace a secure, user-friendly experience that leverages your phone and your trusted circle.

Why Loopring Wallet?

  • Revolutionary Security: No more private keys! Harness the power of your phone and your trusted network for enhanced security.
  • Low Fees, High Value: Pay only 1% of Ethereum Layer-1 fees, enjoying a payment experience akin to Visa and PayPal.
loopring wallet

How to Create Your Loopring Smart Wallet: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install Loopring Wallet

  • Download Loopring Wallet on iOS or Android.

2. Create Your Wallet

  • Open the Loopring Wallet app and click ‘Create Wallet’ on the homepage.

3. Register with a Mobile Number or Email

  • Register with either your mobile number or email for identity verification.

4. The Invitation Code

  • Enter a friend’s invitation code (if available) and earn rewards, or click ‘Skip’ to proceed.

5. Choose Your Wallet Name and Address

  • Create a unique wallet name and address, enjoying the perks of Loopring Wallet’s ENS domain.

6. Select Payment Method

  • Pay the creation fee in LRC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or DAI. Complete the payment in a single transaction to save on gas fees.

7. Assets Confirmation

  • Wait for on-chain confirmation to ensure your assets arrive securely.

8. Wallet Creation

  • Once confirmed, your wallet is live! Receive an SMS or email notification.

9. Activate the L2 Account

  • Click to activate your L2 account and experience gas-free, lightning-fast transactions.

Explore Exciting Features: Staking, Trading, AMM, Dual Investment

  • Staking: Grow your assets with Loopring’s staking feature.
  • Trading: Dive into seamless and efficient trading within the Loopring ecosystem.
  • AMM (Automated Market Maker): Leverage AMM for decentralized trading with optimal liquidity.
  • Dual Investment: Explore the dual investment option for diversified asset management.

Conclusion: Welcome to Ethereum’s Future! 🚀

Congratulations! You’ve stepped into the Loopring Wallet experience, where security meets simplicity. Bid farewell to complex private keys and seize 100% control over your assets. Now’s the perfect time to create your Loopring wallet, embracing low gas prices and positioning yourself for exciting upcoming features.

Don’t miss out on the future of Ethereum – create your Loopring Wallet now! 🔐📱

By Julia

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