Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Attention, Print Protocol holders! Exciting news awaits you. Say hello to Printor, your ultimate solution for tracking $PRINT rewards in USD value. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Printor and how to start using it effectively.

What is Printor?

Printor is a user-friendly telegram bot designed to simplify the process of tracking your $PRINT rewards. With Printor, you can conveniently monitor your earnings in USD value, ensuring transparency and ease of access to your financial insights.

How to Use Printor

Follow these simple steps to start tracking your juicy $PRINT rewards with Printor:

Step 1: Find the Printor Bot on Telegram

Search for @Printor_Rewards_Bot on Telegram or use the provided link: Printor Bot.

Step 2: Start the Bot

Click “Start” to initiate the signup process. It’s quick and straightforward!

Step 3: Confirm Your Wallet Address

When prompted, paste your wallet address to confirm the wallet you want to track for rewards.

Step 4: Payment for Lifetime Access

Pay the one-time fee of 0.15 SOL to the provided address. Ensure you use the wallet you want to track for payment.

  • Verify Payment: Paste the transaction link of your 0.15 SOL payment into the chat and wait for confirmation (approximately 10 seconds).

Step 5: Start Tracking Rewards

Once your payment is verified, the bot will notify you, and you’re all set to start tracking your rewards!

  • Hit “/start” to receive both daily and concurrent notifications of your rewards in $USD value.

Customize Your Notifications

Feel free to customize the notifications according to your preferences. Stay informed and in control of your $PRINT rewards with Printor!


With Printor, tracking your $PRINT rewards has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and hello to real-time insights into your earnings. Don’t miss out on this valuable tool to optimize your Print Protocol experience. Get started with Printor today and unlock the full potential of your $PRINT investments! 🚀📈

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