Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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What is $PRINT?

$PRINT is a revolutionary Solana reflection token that provides passive income to holders through auto-rewards in Solana (SOL). Unlike traditional reflection tokens that rely on manual swaps, $PRINT utilizes a unique auto-swap script to convert token taxes into SOL and distribute them directly to holders’ wallets. This innovative approach ensures that holders receive their rewards seamlessly and efficiently.

Key Features of $PRINT

  • 8% Tax: $PRINT implements an 8% tax on all transactions, including transfers and swaps.
  • 6% Auto-Rewards: 6% of the tax is distributed as auto-rewards in SOL directly to holders’ wallets.
  • 2% Operations Wallet: The remaining 2% of the tax is allocated to the Operations Wallet, which is used to fund the development and marketing of $PRINT.

How Does $PRINT Auto-Swap Work?

The $PRINT auto-swap script operates periodically, collecting all available taxes generated through transactions and swaps. These collected $PRINT tokens are then stored in the Rewards Distribution Wallet (PrintRewards.sol).

Once the minimum swap threshold of 1 million $PRINT is met, the script automatically swaps the tokens for SOL. 25% of the acquired SOL is sent to the Marketing Wallet (PrintMarketing.sol), while the remaining 75% is distributed proportionally to all $PRINT holders based on their holdings.

Early Success of $PRINT

$PRINT has experienced remarkable growth since its launch, attracting over 25,000 holders and generating over $17 million in trading volume. The token has also distributed over $1 million in rewards to its community.

PrintPad™: Solana’s Auto Swap Tax Solution

PrintPad™ is an upcoming Solana-powered platform that will revolutionize the way projects manage their taxes. PrintPad™ will enable developers to connect their Tax Withdrawal Authorities to the platform, allowing $PRINT’s auto-swap script to seamlessly convert their taxes into SOL and deposit them directly into their marketing wallets.

Benefits of $PRINT for Project Developers

  • Streamlined Tax Management: PrintPad™ simplifies tax management by automatically converting taxes into SOL, eliminating the need for manual swaps.
  • Enhanced Rewards: 5% of all taxes collected for linked projects will be directed to an auto-buyback wallet, providing consistent buy pressure and elevating rewards for $PRINT holders.

Why Choose $PRINT?

If you’re looking for a revolutionary Solana reflection token that offers passive income, seamless auto-rewards, and a supportive community, $PRINT is the ideal choice. With its innovative auto-swap mechanism and the upcoming PrintPad™ platform, $PRINT is poised to revolutionize the Solana ecosystem.

Join the $PRINT Revolution

Get involved with the $PRINT community today and experience the power of passive income through Solana’s first auto-swap reflection token. Stay tuned for exciting developments and the launch of PrintPad™!

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