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$PRINT is a new token on the Solana blockchain that rewards holders with $SOL tokens. This is a great opportunity to earn passive income while holding Solana.

How to Buy $PRINT

  1. Download a Phantom Wallet

The first step is to download a Phantom Wallet. This is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to store your Solana and $PRINT tokens. You can download the wallet as an extension or as a mobile app.

  1. Deposit Solana

Once you have created a Phantom Wallet, you will need to deposit some Solana into it. You can do this by transferring Solana from an exchange or using a service like Fixedfloat.

  1. Connect your Phantom Wallet to Jupiter Swap

Jupiter Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) where you can swap Solana for $PRINT. To connect your Phantom Wallet to Jupiter Swap, go to the Jupiter Swap website and click on the “Connect Wallet” button. Select the Phantom Wallet option and follow the prompts.

  1. Change your slippage to 10%

The slippage is the maximum percentage that the price of $PRINT can move before your swap is canceled. I recommend setting your slippage to 10% to ensure that your swap is always successful.

  1. Paste the $PRINT contract into the swap and swap $SOL for $PRINT

The $PRINT contract is HKYX2jvwkdjbkbSdirAiQHqTCPQa3jD2DVRkAFHgFXXT. Paste this contract into the swap and enter the amount of Solana you want to swap for $PRINT.

  1. You now own $PRINT!

Congratulations! You now own $PRINT which allows you to earn 6% $SOL rewards forever!

Calculating Your Daily Rewards

The allure of $PRINT stems from its ability to generate consistent rewards for its holders. To quantify these rewards, they employ a straightforward formula:

Total Rewards = Volume * Percentage Ownership

Let’s break down each component of this equation:

  • Volume: The total 24-hour trading volume of $PRINT serves as the foundation for calculating rewards. This figure represents the total amount of $SOL exchanged within the specified time frame.
  • Percentage Ownership: This metric reflects the proportion of the total $PRINT supply that you hold. It indicates your share of the rewards pool, and the higher your ownership, the greater your potential earnings.

Illustration: Evaluating Normie Norman’s Rewards

Let’s consider Normie Norman, an enthusiastic $PRINT holder. If the daily volume of $PRINT reaches $1 million, generating 6% rewards, the total rewards pool would amount to $60,000.

Now, let’s assume Normie Norman holds 5 million $PRINT tokens, representing 0.0005% of the total supply. Plugging these values into the formula, we can calculate Normie Norman’s daily rewards:

$60,000 * 0.0005 = $30

Therefore, Normie Norman stands to earn an impressive $30 per day, simply for holding $PRINT.

Exponential Growth with Increased Volume

The potential rewards from $PRINT can reach remarkable heights as the trading volume intensifies. For instance, if the daily volume soars to $10 million, Normie Norman’s rewards would skyrocket to $300 per day. This exponential growth highlights the immense potential of $PRINT to generate significant passive income.

Conclusion: $PRINT, a Rewarding Gateway to Passive Income

$PRINT emerges as a beacon of passive income opportunities within the Solana ecosystem. Its unique reward mechanism, coupled with its scalability and potential for growth, positions it as a compelling investment choice. With its ability to generate substantial rewards, $PRINT stands ready to revolutionize the way you earn passive income from your crypto holdings.

By Prim

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