Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Ethereum technical analysis


  • Ethereum (ETH) Whales Accumulating: Top 150 self-custodial whales show an all-time high accumulation of 56.25 million ETH.
  • Strategic Acquisition: Key whale, ‘0x931,’ stands out with precise, strategic purchases totaling 21,192 ETH at an average price of $2,265, signaling confidence in Ethereum’s potential.
  • Diverse Accumulation Strategy: Leveraging Aave loans and liquidity resources, this whale exhibits a calculated approach, resulting in a significant unrealized profit of approximately 25.9%.

Ethereum Whales on a Buying Spree πŸš€

In the midst of the recent market recovery, Ethereum has become the focus of attention due to significant accumulation by its top 150 self-custodial whales. On-chain data reveals an ongoing trend, reaching an all-time high of 56.25 million ETH collectively held by these influential investors.

Spotlight on ‘0x931’ and Strategic Accumulation 🎯

A prominent whale, identified by the address ‘0x931,’ has caught the eye with meticulous accumulation. This strategic investor amassed 21,192 ETH at an average price of $2,265, translating to a substantial investment of $48 million. Notably, the accumulation dates back to January 13, 2023, showcasing a consistent strategy of targeting retracement points for maximum potential.

Diverse Sources and Substantial Profits πŸ“ˆ

Setting ‘0x931’ apart is its diverse accumulation strategy, leveraging sources such as revolving loans from the Aave lending protocol and liquidity resources. This calculated approach has yielded a unrealized profit of 25.9%, emphasizing the success of these strategic purchases.

Implications for Ethereum’s Future 🌐

Despite Ethereum’s current price hovering around $2,250, the surge in holdings by the largest non-exchange wallets suggests sustained confidence and interest among significant investors. Moreover, the contrasting behaviors between self-custodial whales and exchange-bound wallets signal differing strategies, with whale accumulation hinting at an optimistic outlook.

In the broader market context, the anticipation of a potential spot Bitcoin ETF approval adds to the overall optimism. The distinct accumulation patterns underscore the potential for a bullish market move. This aligns with the positive sentiment surrounding a possible ETF approval for Bitcoin.


Ethereum’s whale accumulation trend reflects a strategic and confident approach by significant investors. Moreover, as the market observes developments on Ethereum/Bitcoin fronts, whale strategies may play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of these leading cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for potential market catalysts!

By Prim

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