Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Solana Mobile, the company behind the Solana-focused smartphone, the Saga, is reportedly developing a second model. The new handset will retain the hallmarks of the Saga, including an integrated crypto wallet, specialized Android software, and access to a dedicated dApp store. However, the company is aiming to make the new device more affordable and feature upgraded hardware components.

Price and Features

The Saga was originally priced at $1,000, but its price has dropped following an initially lukewarm reception. Currently, Saga smartphones are fetching bids upwards of $3,200 on eBay. The rising price of the Saga is likely due to the distribution of BONK meme tokens that came with the phone. These meme tokens effectively offset the cost of the smartphone, leading to a rapid sellout when this perk became known.

The new model is expected to be priced more competitively than the Saga. It will also feature upgraded hardware components, such as a faster processor and more RAM.

Reasons for the Second Model

The Solana Mobile team is likely developing a second model to capitalize on the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. The company is also likely looking to attract a wider audience of users who may not be interested in paying the premium price for the Saga.


The release of a second Solana Mobile smartphone is an exciting development for the cryptocurrency community. The new model has the potential to make Solana Mobile devices more accessible to a wider audience and further solidify the company’s position in the growing market for crypto-centric smartphones.

By Prim

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