Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Coinbase, a leading player in the crypto market, unveils plans to expand its derivatives offering in the European Union through the acquisition of a Cyprus-based entity holding a MiFID II license. This strategic move aligns with Coinbase’s global growth strategy amidst legal challenges in the United States.

Coinbase’s Expansion in the EU Derivatives Market:

Coinbase announces ambitious plans to broaden its derivatives offering in the European Union, taking a significant step beyond its existing spot trading in cryptocurrencies. The move involves the acquisition of a Cyprus-based entity with a MiFID II license, enabling Coinbase to tap into the regulated derivatives market.

MiFID II Regulation and its Impact:

The updated EU regulation, MiFID II, introduced in 2017, expanded its scope to encompass various financial instruments beyond stocks. This revision paved the way for Coinbase to offer regulated derivatives, including futures and options, in addition to its existing cryptocurrency spot trading services.

Regulatory Compliance Strengthened through Cyprus Acquisition:

The acquisition in Cyprus not only extends Coinbase’s market reach but also reinforces its commitment to regulatory compliance. By aligning with the ‘Five-point Global Compliance Standard,’ covering AML, KYC, global sanctions compliance, governance best practices, and continuous monitoring and reporting, Coinbase positions itself as a responsible player in the evolving crypto landscape.

Coinbase’s Position in the Derivatives Market:

Recognizing the significance of derivatives, which constitute 75% of total crypto trading volumes, Coinbase strategically ventures into this space. However, it faces formidable competition from industry giants like Binance, Bybit, OKX, and Deribit.

Coinbase’s expansion in the EU derivatives market unfolds as the company grapples with legal challenges in the United States. A legal dispute with the SEC regarding alleged securities law violations underscores the importance of diversifying its global operations.

Coinbase’s Increasing Activity in the EU:

This move aligns with Coinbase’s broader strategy for global growth. In October 2023, the company selected Ireland as its central regulatory hub in the EU, anticipating the forthcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulations (MiCA). Coinbase aims to obtain a single MiCA license by December 2024, aligning with the EU’s full implementation of the regulations.

In December, Coinbase further solidified its presence in the EU by acquiring a French license as a virtual asset service provider, enabling the storage and trading of crypto assets in France.

Conclusion: As Coinbase strategically expands its derivatives offering in the EU, the company positions itself at the forefront of the evolving crypto landscape. Navigating regulatory landscapes, Coinbase’s move not only underscores its commitment to compliance but also reflects a proactive stance in the face of legal challenges. The crypto community watches closely as Coinbase continues to shape its global trajectory. 🌐🚀

By Julia

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