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In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Solana has been making waves with its commitment to scale Layer 1 directly. But the question remains: Will Solana ever need Layer 2 solutions? Let’s dive into the intricacies and Solana’s perspective on the matter.


  • Solana’s goal is to synchronize a global atomic state machine as fast as physics allows.
  • Developers can create Layer 2s on Solana, but the focus remains on scaling Layer 1 directly.
  • Layer 2, side chains, and zero-knowledge proof valadiums are viewed as external execution environments.
  • Solana emphasizes the importance of maintaining atomic composition with the Layer 1 state.

The Solana Perspective on Layer 2 Solutions

Solana co-founder @aeyakovenko sheds light on the potential need for Layer 2 solutions. While nothing prevents developers from creating Layer 2s on Solana, the primary focus remains on scaling Layer 1 directly. But why?

Synchronizing the Global Atomic State Machine

Solana’s core aim is ambitious yet clear – to synchronize a global atomic state machine at the fastest possible pace allowed by the laws of physics. This unique approach sets the stage for understanding Solana’s stance on Layer 2 solutions.

External Execution Environments and Atomic Composition

According to @aeyakovenko, technologies like side chains, data availability validating bridges, and zero-knowledge proof valadiums are innovative but fall into the category of external execution environments. The catch – they cannot ensure atomic composition with the rest of the Layer 1 state.

Layer 2 vs. Layer 1 Scaling

While Layer 2 solutions offer scalability, Solana argues that these solutions may not expand the atomic global state machine. In the grand scheme, Solana aims to scale Layer 1 directly, potentially relying on hardware upgrades for future enhancements.

Conclusion: The Future of Solana’s Scaling Efforts In conclusion, the question of whether Solana will require Layer 2 solutions may not be entirely relevant. Solana’s unwavering focus is on scaling Layer 1 directly, with a commitment to enhancing the single virtual machine instance on that layer. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, Solana’s unique approach sparks intriguing conversations about the future of scaling in the blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for further developments!

By Julia

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