Wed. May 22nd, 2024
  • SEC’s prompt comments on bitcoin ETF filings.
  • Issuers, including BlackRock and Grayscale, set fees for proposed spot bitcoin ETFs.
  • SEC’s engagement with applicants hints at potential approval.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has responded swiftly to filings by prospective issuers of bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This engagement, particularly with major players like BlackRock and Grayscale, showcases the regulator’s active dialogue with applicants.

The SEC’s Rapid Response

The SEC’s quick turnaround, providing comments on the same day as amended filings, is notable. Analysts, such as Bloomberg Intelligence’s James Seyffart, highlight the unusual speed of this process, indicating a potentially positive interaction between the SEC and ETF applicants.

Deadline and Amendments

As the SEC faces a January 10, 2024 deadline for one of the applications, issuers, including Ark and 21 Shares, are diligently amending their S-1 forms. The focus appears to be on minor details rather than substantial changes, suggesting a smooth process without major hurdles.

A Glimpse of Hope for Bitcoin ETFs

The ongoing dialogue between the SEC and ETF issuers, coupled with amended filings, raises optimism for the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs. Exchanges, such as Nasdaq and NYSE Arca, aligning their 19b-4 documents with S-1 filings further reinforces this positive outlook.

Potential Benefits of Bitcoin ETF Approval

Bitcoin ETF advocates anticipate significant benefits, including:

  • Accessible Exposure: Traditional financial institutions and retail investors can gain exposure to Bitcoin’s price without the complexities of managing wallets.
  • Regulated Framework: A regulated financial product adds a layer of security and compliance, appealing to a broader investor base.


While the SEC hasn’t publicly signaled its decision on the latest ETF applications, the ongoing feedback and swift responses suggest a favorable outcome. If approved, these spot bitcoin ETFs could mark a milestone, providing a regulated avenue for investors to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Stay tuned for updates as the January 10 deadline approaches.

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