Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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Bitcoin’s landscape is abuzz with anticipation as BlackRock gears up for the potential approval of its Spot Bitcoin ETF on Wednesday, January 10. Amidst this excitement twitter account @spotonchain has detected intriguing movements by two savvy BTC whales, accumulating a substantial 1,755 BTC (equivalent to $77.1M) from Binance in the past 2 days. Let’s delve into the details and decipher the significance of these moves.


  • BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF approval expected on January 10.
  • Two smart BTC whales accumulate 1,755 BTC ($77.1M) from Binance in the last 2 days.

Smart Whale bc1pj:

  • Accumulated 1,750 BTC ($76.9M) at an average price of $43,953.
  • Previous accumulations:
    • 6,000 BTC ($158.66M) at an average price of $26,444 (August 24 to September 2, 2023).
    • Deposited 3,000 BTC ($105.7M) to Binance at an average price of $35,241 (October 18 to December 4, 2023).
  • Current holding: 4,750 BTC ($207.4M).

Smart Whale 3MVqp:

  • Withdrew 5 BTC ($217K) at $43,426.26.
  • Previous profitable trades:
    • Three trades in 2023, all yielding a cumulative profit of $61M.

The Story Unfolds:

Smart Whale bc1pj’s Strategic Moves:

The actions of bc1pj are particularly noteworthy. Accumulating 1,750 BTC at an average price of $43,953 signals a significant belief in the future value of Bitcoin. This strategic investor previously accumulated a substantial 6,000 BTC between August and September 2023 and later deposited 3,000 BTC to Binance between October and December 2023. The current holding of 4,750 BTC reflects a commitment to a long-term investment strategy.

Smart Whale 3MVqp’s Profitable Streak:

On the other hand, the actions of 3MVqp showcase a track record of profitability. Withdrawing 5 BTC at $43,426.26, this whale has a perfect win rate, having executed three profitable trades in 2023. The cumulative profit of $61M underscores the astuteness of this investor.


As BlackRock’s Spot Bitcoin ETF decision looms, the movements of these smart whales add a layer of intrigue to the crypto market. Smart Whale bc1pj’s continued accumulation suggests confidence in Bitcoin’s future, while 3MVqp’s consistent profitability highlights the potential rewards for strategic trading. Whether these actions are precursors to a larger market trend or unique maneuvers, they undoubtedly contribute to the dynamic narrative of Bitcoin’s evolving ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates as the crypto saga unfolds.

By Prim

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