Sat. May 25th, 2024
top movers 5 jan


OSMO (Osmosis) – Surging +18%

Osmosis takes the lead in decentralized finance with an impressive +18% surge. This project is revolutionizing liquidity provision through its automated market maker (AMM) protocol, ensuring efficient and secure trading.

TIA (Celestia) – Up +16%

Celestia (TIA) is making waves with a +16% gain. Positioned at the forefront of decentralized data storage, Celestia provides a blockchain-based platform for secure and distributed data management.

FET (Fetch.AI) – Climbing +10%

Fetch.AI (FET) climbs +10%, showcasing its commitment to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The project offers a decentralized infrastructure for AI-based autonomous agents and services.


LDO (Lido DAO) – Dipping -7%

Lido DAO experiences a -7% dip but remains a key player in unlocking staked digital asset value. Its focus on liquid staking and decentralized finance continues to shape the crypto landscape.

BONK (Solana meme coin) – Down 7%

BONK, the playful Solana meme coin, takes a -7% hit. Despite the dip, BONK emphasizes creativity and community engagement, adding a fun element to the crypto world.

SEI – Sliding -7%

SEI slides -7% while maintaining a crucial role in decentralized finance ecosystems. Recognized for providing scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure, SEI contributes to various financial applications.


The cryptocurrency market showcases dynamic movements with notable gainers and losers. As Osmosis, Celestia, and Fetch.AI lead the upward momentum, Lido DAO, BONK, and SEI navigate minor setbacks. Stay tuned for more insights into the ever-evolving crypto landscape!

By Prim

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