Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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Grab your virtual surfboards, crypto enthusiasts! Yellow Card, the Nigerian crypto exchange, is catching the positive tide following the recent regulatory changes by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Let’s ride the waves of opportunity and see how this impacts the crypto landscape.

Quick Overview:

  • Yellow Card cheers CBN’s lifting of crypto transaction ban.
  • Positive outlook for legitimacy and integration with traditional financial system.
  • Market changes expected to boost P2P market and foster competition and innovation.

Surfing the Positive Waves:

Lasbery Oludimu, Yellow Card’s Chief Data Protection Officer, sees the market shifts, especially in the P2P realm, as a game-changer. With increased bank support, Yellow Card anticipates a surge in competition and innovation in Nigeria’s crypto sector.

Anticipating the Crypto Surge in 2024:

With the new CBN guidelines and the lifting of the ban, Yellow Card predicts a rise in cryptocurrency usage in Nigeria in 2024. The goal is to establish a structured and regulated environment for crypto transactions.

Competition and Efficiency Boost:

Oludimu highlights the return of banks to the crypto space, expecting it to spark more competition and efficiency in transactions—an excellent development for the ecosystem. The CBN guidelines may encourage collaboration with traditional financial institutions, fostering greater integration between financial entities and digital assets.

Creating a Regulated Haven:

The CBN guidelines aim to create a regulated environment, boosting confidence in Nigeria’s crypto sector. Yellow Card believes the regulatory clarity will attract more individuals and businesses to the crypto space.

Future Plans and Partnerships:

Yellow Card plans to seek strategic partnerships, expand its user base, and contribute to Nigeria’s digital ecosystem by introducing innovative solutions aligned with regulations.


Surf’s up for Yellow Card! The CBN’s guidelines, issued on December 22, 2023, open doors for virtual asset service providers, marking a significant shift from previous restrictions. Yellow Card is not just riding the waves but shaping the future of crypto in Nigeria. Stay tuned for more exhilarating rides in this digital wave of change! 🏄‍♂️🚀

By Julia

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