Sat. May 25th, 2024

Solana shares their “State of the developer Ecosystem” report. Here’s a summary!


  • The Solana developer ecosystem witnesses significant growth in 2023.
  • Advancements in tooling, developer experience, content quality, and programming language diversity.
  • Over 2500 monthly active developers, continuous professional influx, and a maturing developer environment.

Understanding the Developer Ecosystem

Total Monthly Active Developers

  • Vital Metric: Monthly active developers building within the ecosystem are crucial for growth.
  • Steady Growth: 2500 – 3000 monthly active developers building on Solana throughout the year.
  • Sign of Health: Sustaining consistent developer numbers showcases the ecosystem’s ability to attract and retain talent.

Developer Retention

  • Retention Increase: 3-month developer retention within Solana ecosystem grows from 31% to >50%.
  • Contributing Factors: Improved developer onboarding, Solana’s attractiveness, increased opportunities.
  • Support Initiatives: Solana Foundation’s commitment to supporting open source community growth.

Developer Experience Levels

  • Skill Level Importance: Developer experience contributes to the success of the chain.
  • Senior Contribution: Over half of Solana developers have at least 3 years of experience.
  • Hacker House Insights: 52.5% of Solana Hacker House attendees have more than three years of experience.

Developer Growth

  • Rapid Growth: Despite being relatively new, Solana’s developer ecosystem is the second largest.
  • Foundation Initiatives: Solana Hackathons, Hacker Houses, Breakpoint, bootcamps, and sponsored events fuel growth.
  • Hyperdrive Success: Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon sees over 900 submissions, indicating a thriving ecosystem.

Global Growth

  • Diverse Origins: Meaningful growth from newly-onboarded regions worldwide.
  • Community-Led Expansion: Initiatives like SuperteamDAO, Gen3, Metcamp, and mtnDAO contribute.
  • Hackathon Representation: Hyperdrive Hackathon sees 151 countries participating, showcasing global reach.

Building on Solana Today

Developer Experience

  • Maturing Ecosystem: Solana’s tooling ecosystem matures with a plethora of learning resources.
  • Opportunities Ahead: Focus on releasing more resources and tooling to accelerate development.
  • Key Considerations: Documentation, examples, programs, courses, SDKs, frameworks, local development tools, and tooling parity are essential factors.


As the Solana developer ecosystem evolves, the growth indicators are promising. From consistent monthly active developers to increased retention rates and global expansion, Solana’s commitment to providing a vibrant, supportive environment is evident. As developer tools and experiences mature, the future holds exciting opportunities for continued innovation within the Solana blockchain. Stay tuned for a dynamic journey in the world of Solana development.

By Prim

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