Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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The Tweet That Sparked It All:

@theRealKiyosaki recently shared insights that set the financial world abuzz. His anticipation of a Bitcoin ETF, bullish predictions, and thoughts on precious metals paint a vivid picture of the economic landscape.

Bitcoin ETF: A Cause for Celebration:

The announcement of a Bitcoin ETF brings joy to early investors like Kiyosaki. With a strategic foresight, he expresses his satisfaction with his Bitcoin holdings, projecting a substantial rise to $150k in the near future.

Gold’s Lunar Ascent Amid Central Bank Activity:

Kiyosaki’s prediction for gold is bullish, attributing its surge to Central Banks accumulating and holding the precious metal. This scenario sets the stage for gold’s ascent to the moon, presenting an opportunity for savvy investors.

Silver’s Potential Downturn and Silver Stacker Strategy:

In contrast, silver faces a potential downturn as silver stackers might sell to meet financial obligations caused by rising inflation. However, Kiyosaki identifies this as a strategic opportunity for those looking to acquire silver at lower prices.

Winners and Losers Amid Fiat Currency Concerns:

Kiyosaki highlights the downside for those holding fiat US dollars, referring to them as “fake.” His strategy involves using these “fake dollars” to acquire more gold, silver, and Bitcoin, positioning himself as a winner in the evolving financial landscape.


In the dynamic world of finance, Kiyosaki’s insights provide a valuable perspective. As the Bitcoin ETF unfolds and precious metals navigate market forces, investors weigh their options, making strategic moves to secure assets. Kiyosaki’s approach reflects a commitment to tangible assets over traditional currencies, illustrating a paradigm shift in wealth preservation strategies.

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