Wed. May 22nd, 2024
bitcoin on the moon

Bitmex’s ambitious project involves sending a bitcoin-shaped wallet aboard the Peregrine spacecraft. Here’s the breakdown of the lunar expedition:

1. Launch Details: The Vulcan rocket will carry the bitcoin-laden Peregrine-1, set to land on the Moon in late February, marking a monumental moment in space exploration.

2. Lunar Landing: Astrobotics’ Peregrine-1 aims for the first Western soft lunar landing since NASA’s Apollo 17 in 1972, becoming the pioneer in commercially driven Moon missions.

3. Physical Bitcoin: Weighing 43g and loaded with 1 BTC, the physical bitcoin on the Moon is engraved with a public address and private key, becoming the first-ever financial asset sent to the lunar surface.

The Significance

Bitmex CEO Stephan Lutz emphasizes the mission’s significance, stating, “The bitcoin on the Moon is a time capsule capturing one of the most significant human innovations. This leap forward marks the beginning of a new era in space exploration.”


Bitmex’s venture to send Bitcoin to the Moon showcases the intersection of cryptocurrency and space exploration. This symbolic move not only celebrates technological advancements but also opens up possibilities for a monetary system in the space economy. As the bitcoin-laden Peregrine-1 embarks on its lunar journey, it heralds a new chapter in the ongoing saga of human innovation and exploration.

By Julia

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